Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in Korea

I'm back in Seoul now. Hong Kong was one of my favorites. It's really an impressive city. Getting there was a bit precarious, I almost died on the plane, well, not really. but everyone on the plane thought they'd met their end. We got caught in the tail end of tropical storm and it felt like we were passengers on a toy plane and godzilla was shaking us like we were a snow globe. I was sleeping, all curled up and crooked, in a horribly un-ergonomic way and probably would've broken my neck if my mom didn't wake me up to put on my seatbelt (She's got crazy spidey sense). As soon as i clicked the belt, I think we dropped a 100 ft in a split second. I'm no expert so I don't even know if that's possible (estevie is it?) In any case, people were tossed around like rag dolls and a few passengers and flight attendants were taken away by medics as soon as we landed. It only lasted a few seconds but boy were we shook up.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So my itenerary is a bit off. At the airport now and I'm off to Thailand for two days. Sinagpore was great, HOOOOOOT and humid - so much so it was work to breathe.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I just arrived in Hong Kong. I'm so EXCITED!!!! to be here! there are cranes everywhere and buildings going up all around.

seoul and jejudo pics


calligraphy exhibit. i signed in and left my mark too.
I'm still recovering from this this dinner. Half of the dishes on the table were alive and still moving. not the fish out of water flapping movement, but the traumatizing pulsating, slithering kind of movement. It was no bueno, but i ate it~well, kinda forced to, didn't want to be rude.
Oh, and this is me eating the poison blowfish. I'm still alive, but over rated.

three gods

this is where the three gods of jeju are said to have been born or buried, i can't remember :)
Hotel in Jejudo. The Shilla, not the Shaw, The Shilla. the grounds are beautiful, rooms have that old world charm. Mom got bit by mosquitos, even though the bellman turned on the anti-mosquito thingamajig. (picture of him turning it on below). so, the next night we got upgraded to the "western" suite. the room looked into the tub, like Shutters on the Beach. I preferred the first room, but both were very nice.

Morning Wake Up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nar Nar

Dali had a fascination with ants and he would've had a fit if he saw the ants here, they are HUGE! and bitey! I should've placed a quarter next to them so u can see how big they really are.


I'm actually watching basketball, Celtics v Lakers: Game 6? You know I can care less about it when I'm home, but here, watching it is like having a slice of home. And I'm eating it up.
Above are some images of Jeju. The island is gorgeous. What's so special about it here is the you'll walk through a lush forest and then it spits you out on the beach, you don't get that in L.A. or in Hawaii for that matter.
Planning actually works! The Cheonggyecheon River replaced what used to be an elevated highway. (mom on right. aunt on left)

ya, this meat isn't refrigerated and it's over 90 degrees outside.

First Week

Where to begin...this is a picture that was taped up on the wall where I sleep at my aunt's house. My uncle wrote, "this will be us when we're 80". How cute is that.