Monday, August 25, 2008

Farewell CAUPD

Today is my last day of work at CAUPD. It's pouring out and the sound of the rain is washing out the Buena Vista Social Club I've got playing on my dinky laptop speakers. The windows are all fogged up b/c even though it's raining, it's hot as hell, muggy and sticky, but there's something charming about it all, and I'm definitely having a China moment. Remember the Simpson's episode where Sideshow Bob turns over a new leave and finds a new love for Bart? And he sings, “I’ve become accustomed to his face..”? Well, we all know that love affair didn’t last, but that’s how I feel about China and the wacky Chinese. I’ve become accustomed to this place, even though at times I wanted to strangle the lady who would knock me over with her sweaty body in the Metro, or the dude that would push me out of line after I’ve been waiting F..O…R..E..V..E..R for a Lillian cake. I don’t’ even bat an eye anymore when I see some guy walking out in his under-roos drying off with a tiny dish rag. These are all everyday China encounters that make this place oh-so-special. The duckie wading in plastic bins (maybe more like duckie for dinner) and babies walking around in ass-less chaps are the highlights. I’ll miss it here.

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pc said...

It's funny when you see this on a kid, but on a grown man in W. Hollywood... not so funny.
Don't ask.