Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kobe vs Australia

I've had some surreal moments here but I think hanging out all night with the U.S. Basketball team is at the top of my list. Ok, i know "hanging out" connotes actual conversation and interaction with the players, but i'm gonna throw it out there b/c i did get invited to their table, drank the same champagne they were having, and introduced myself to the infamous Kobe Bryant. I usually don't cap people's names when i type (b/c I am lazy) but his name seems cap worthy. In any case, i shook his hand, and my hand felt like the size of a gumball as his monster-sized hands wrapped around mine. Embarassingly i needed a tutorial on who was who. Huge, intimidating guy? Labron James. Guy in the ridiculous, RED, track outfit? Dwyane Wade. I thought to myself, who is this guy with his uber flashy outfit? yes, i judged, but quickly shut up when i saw him on the courts the next day. I went to the exhibition game: U.S. vs Australia and thought he was the most impressive guy playing that night. I'm no expert, and i'm also the last person to understand the caliber of talent i was surrounded by that night, but even i was tickled by the whole situation.

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