Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The TV in the hotel always turns on to the same channel, 3, which plays constant adverts on Hangzhou City. It's known for it's natural landscape, scenic lakes and mountains, and was the destination for my first weekend trip outside of Shanghai. We thought we were going to the countryside, but turns out Hangzhou is bigger than most U.S. states with a modest population of 6.6 million people so we only got to see a sliver of the city. Nonetheless it was gorgeous and we rode our bikes for four hours around the major lake. I forgot how satisfying it is to ride a bike and how much ground you cover when you pedal around a city. Ok, so here we go, from the top.
The first class train to Hangzhou was very nice, clean and fast: travel time 1 hour.

eh, it's taking too long to upload. I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.

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