Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Phone number

So I bought a new cell phone. Gun, the go to guy for chinese translations to english at work, took me the other day. China Mobile is like Verizon in the U.S. and the customer service is the same.. you take a number and sit. the difference is there's a computer screen that lists all the available phone numbers and you get to choose your cell number. So Gun takes me to the phone number kiosk and tells me to pick my number. a screen with a list of more than 30 sets of numbers pops up onto the screen and Gun says, "you choose" and stares at me intently seeing if i'm gonna pick the "right number" like it was a test or something. I hesitated for a moment, more so b/c i was trying to see if there were any numbers that were easy to remember. But gun took my pause as a sign that i was dissatisfied with my choices and said, "ah, you want more choices" (in a tone that made me think i made the right choice for not choosing any numbers on the first page) and then scrolled to the next page.

I saw a number with the only same double digits in a row and went for it: 13601849844and as the printer was spitting out my newly chosen number, gun looks at me and says,

"are you sure you want that number?"

I tell him it's fine and that the 44 as the last two digits makes the number somewhat easy to remember. He gave me a puzzled look and said,

" ok"

After all the paper work was signed and i was handed my fresh "anycall" phone, Gun shares with me that the Chinese don't like the number four and that it means death. He said, "but dont' worry, b/c you have a couple eights in your number, which means money!"

I smiled at him and quiety thought to myself great, i'm gonna make alot of money and then die. So here it is guys, my expensive, deathly mobile number: (021) 13601849844

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