Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Part of my site has a historic railroad that we’d like to preserve, so about three hours ago I started researching cases of adaptive re-uses for old train depots, and true to my schizo form when browsing the internet, I found myself completely sidetracked: watched Al Gore’s speech to re-power America, read a great, GREAT article on designing new landscapes for the metropolis, and freaked out about the U.S. economy. The interesting thing about it all is that all roads lead back to China. Everything I read today, touched on, mentioned, or gooed over the unprecedented growth China is experiencing. We’ll have to reckon with the social, economic and environmental impacts this sort of development will have on our future. And I’m seeing firsthand how China is constructing around-the-clock, the biggest, longest, tallest airports, malls, skyscrapers, bridges, you name it. Can China be the next superpower? Well, if development is any indication of a country’s potential, then I think China is first in line.

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Tony said...

Your thoughts are on point Rebecca! I'm so proud of our little intern! She's learning so much over there. :)