Sunday, July 6, 2008

work + heat = sleepy

There are so many random events that I've encountered since I got hear last week, but first things first. I've been assigned to a project! last week, the four UCLA students gave 25 minute presentations on their research. I had one day to prepare and of course I procrastinated and worked on it the morning of. It was a little nerve racking b/c not only was the presentation an introdcution of ourselves, but it was also a way to help the director determine which projects he would put us on (ie. cool project or mailroom.) Lucky for me, I landed a super interesting gig and will be working on the redesign of a water-front city in the Hunan province. The project is an international design competition and we have to come up with a master plan in two months, which seems crazy fast, but apparantly it's how they roll here in China.

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